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What is Arxivst? Who does this?

Arxivst is a project by @jimmfleming, @danielleswank and @empathyflux. Together we run Fomoro, a machine learning consultancy in SF.

We started Arxivst because we’re flooded with new ML papers everyday, and we needed some way of cutting through to the really crucial ones. So we skim through all of that day’s papers and pull out those we think are generally useful, write a summary, tag it then push to the site. We’re not affiliated with We do use their API to pull in the paper abstracts and author names.

If you’re in SF, we host a meetup group every Tuesday night at UCSF to talk through one of these papers, Deep Learning SF. Come join us. There’s a Slack too, but you have to come to the meetup first.

Also, if you’re a startup and want a drop in team of ML experts. Hire us. We’re pretty good at what we do.