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One Shot Learning on Small Datasets with GANs and ResNets

Post · Mar 24, 2017 18:11 ·

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Combine both GANs and ResNets to improve one shot learning on small datasets. This deep network beats out the best methods for one-shot and five-shot learning on the mini-Imagenet dataset.

Arxiv Abstract

  • Akshay Mehrotra
  • Ambedkar Dukkipati

Deep neural networks achieve unprecedented performance levels over many tasks and scale well with large quantities of data, but performance in the low-data regime and tasks like one shot learning still lags behind. While recent work suggests many hypotheses from better optimization to more complicated network structures, in this work we hypothesize that having a learnable and more expressive similarity objective is an essential missing component. Towards overcoming that, we propose a network design inspired by deep residual networks that allows the efficient computation of this more expressive pairwise similarity objective. Further, we argue that regularization is key in learning with small amounts of data, and propose an additional generator network based on the Generative Adversarial Networks where the discriminator is our residual pairwise network. This provides a strong regularizer by leveraging the generated data samples. The proposed model can generate plausible variations of exemplars over unseen classes and outperforms strong discriminative baselines for few shot classification tasks. Notably, our residual pairwise network design outperforms previous state-of-theart on the challenging mini-Imagenet dataset for one shot learning by getting over 55% accuracy for the 5-way classification task over unseen classes.

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