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Inferring Feelings from Photos

Post · Mar 30, 2017 16:54 ·

images sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis of photos, plus a new public dataset. The authors combine adjective noun pairs such as ‘bad dog’ or ‘cute dog’ for sentiment information and CNNs for visual contextual information. The dataset consists of ~12k images taken while wearing a body-camera. Overall it’s an interesting read and gives a decent background on the issues involved.

Arxiv Abstract

  • Estefania Talavera
  • Nicola Strisciuglio
  • Nicolai Petkov
  • Petia Radeva

Lifelogging is a process of collecting rich source of information about daily life of people. In this paper, we introduce the problem of sentiment analysis in egocentric events focusing on the moments that compose the images recalling positive, neutral or negative feelings to the observer. We propose a method for the classification of the sentiments in egocentric pictures based on global and semantic image features extracted by Convolutional Neural Networks. We carried out experiments on an egocentric dataset, which we organized in 3 classes on the basis of the sentiment that is recalled to the user (positive, negative or neutral).

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