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Classification in biological networks with hypergraphlet kernels

Abstract · Mar 14, 2017 23:20 ·

stat-ml cs-lg

Arxiv Abstract

  • Jose Lugo-Martinez
  • Predrag Radivojac

Biological and cellular systems are often modeled as graphs in which vertices represent objects of interest (genes, proteins, drugs) and edges represent relational ties among these objects (binds-to, interacts-with, regulates). This approach has been highly successful owing to the theory, methodology and software that support analysis and learning on graphs. Graphs, however, often suffer from information loss when modeling physical systems due to their inability to accurately represent multiobject relationships. Hypergraphs, a generalization of graphs, provide a framework to mitigate information loss and unify disparate graph-based methodologies. In this paper, we present a hypergraph-based approach for modeling physical systems and formulate vertex classification, edge classification and link prediction problems on (hyper)graphs as instances of vertex classification on (extended, dual) hypergraphs in a semi-supervised setting. We introduce a novel kernel method on vertex- and edge-labeled (colored) hypergraphs for analysis and learning. The method is based on exact and inexact (via hypergraph edit distances) enumeration of small simple hypergraphs, referred to as hypergraphlets, rooted at a vertex of interest. We extensively evaluate this method and show its potential use in a positive-unlabeled setting to estimate the number of missing and false positive links in protein-protein interaction networks.

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