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Comparison of Different Methods for Tissue Segmentation in Histopathological Whole-Slide Images

Abstract · Mar 17, 2017 12:32 ·

cs-cv cs-lg

Arxiv Abstract

  • Péter Bándi
  • Rob van de Loo
  • Milad Intezar
  • Daan Geijs
  • Francesco Ciompi
  • Bram van Ginneken
  • Jeroen van der Laak
  • Geert Litjens

Tissue segmentation is an important pre-requisite for efficient and accurate diagnostics in digital pathology. However, it is well known that whole-slide scanners can fail in detecting all tissue regions, for example due to the tissue type, or due to weak staining because their tissue detection algorithms are not robust enough. In this paper, we introduce two different convolutional neural network architectures for whole slide image segmentation to accurately identify the tissue sections. We also compare the algorithms to a published traditional method. We collected 54 whole slide images with differing stains and tissue types from three laboratories to validate our algorithms. We show that while the two methods do not differ significantly they outperform their traditional counterpart (Jaccard index of 0.937 and 0.929 vs. 0.870, p < 0.01).

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