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Computer Aided Detection of Anemia-like Pallor

Abstract · Mar 17, 2017 07:35 ·


Arxiv Abstract

  • Sohini Roychowdhury
  • Donny Sun
  • Matthew Bihis
  • Johnny Ren
  • Paul Hage
  • Humairat H. Rahman

Paleness or pallor is a manifestation of blood loss or low hemoglobin concentrations in the human blood that can be caused by pathologies such as anemia. This work presents the first automated screening system that utilizes pallor site images, segments, and extracts color and intensity-based features for multi-class classification of patients with high pallor due to anemia-like pathologies, normal patients and patients with other abnormalities. This work analyzes the pallor sites of conjunctiva and tongue for anemia screening purposes. First, for the eye pallor site images, the sclera and conjunctiva regions are automatically segmented for regions of interest. Similarly, for the tongue pallor site images, the inner and outer tongue regions are segmented. Then, color-plane based feature extraction is performed followed by machine learning algorithms for feature reduction and image level classification for anemia. In this work, a suite of classification algorithms image-level classifications for normal (class 0), pallor (class 1) and other abnormalities (class 2). The proposed method achieves 86% accuracy, 85% precision and 67% recall in eye pallor site images and 98.2% accuracy and precision with 100% recall in tongue pallor site images for classification of images with pallor. The proposed pallor screening system can be further fine-tuned to detect the severity of anemia-like pathologies using controlled set of local images that can then be used for future benchmarking purposes.

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