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Empirical Analysis of the Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of the Echo State Property

Abstract · Mar 20, 2017 10:49 ·


Arxiv Abstract

  • Sebastián Basterrech

The Echo State Network (ESN) is a specific recurrent network, which has gained popularity during the last years. The model has a recurrent network named reservoir, that is fixed during the learning process. The reservoir is used for transforming the input space in a larger space. A fundamental property that provokes an impact on the model accuracy is the Echo State Property (ESP). There are two main theoretical results related to the ESP. First, a sufficient condition for the ESP existence that involves the singular values of the reservoir matrix. Second, a necessary condition for the ESP. The ESP can be violated according to the spectral radius value of the reservoir matrix. There is a theoretical gap between these necessary and sufficient conditions. This article presents an empirical analysis of the accuracy and the projections of reservoirs that satisfy this theoretical gap. It gives some insights about the generation of the reservoir matrix. From previous works, it is already known that the optimal accuracy is obtained near to the border of stability control of the dynamics. Then, according to our empirical results, we can see that this border seems to be closer to the sufficient conditions than to the necessary conditions of the ESP.

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