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An Accelerated Analog Neuromorphic Hardware System Emulating NMDA- and Calcium-Based Non-Linear Dendrites

Abstract · Mar 21, 2017 15:43 ·

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Arxiv Abstract

  • Johannes Schemmel
  • Laura Kriener
  • Paul Müller
  • Karlheinz Meier

This paper presents an extension of the BrainScaleS accelerated analog neuromorphic hardware model. The scalable neuromorphic architecture is extended by the support for multi-compartment models and non-linear dendrites. These features are part of a \SI{65}{\nano\meter} prototype ASIC. It allows to emulate different spike types observed in cortical pyramidal neurons: NMDA plateau potentials, calcium and sodium spikes. By replicating some of the structures of these cells, they can be configured to perform coincidence detection within a single neuron. Built-in plasticity mechanisms can modify not only the synaptic weights, but also the dendritic synaptic composition to efficiently train large multi-compartment neurons. Transistor-level simulations demonstrate the functionality of the analog implementation and illustrate analogies to biological measurements.

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