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Characterization of Deterministic and Probabilistic Sampling Patterns for Finite Completability of Low Tensor-Train Rank Tensor

Abstract · Mar 22, 2017 15:11 ·

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Arxiv Abstract

  • Morteza Ashraphijuo
  • Xiaodong Wang

In this paper, we analyze the fundamental conditions for low-rank tensor completion given the separation or tensor-train (TT) rank, i.e., ranks of unfoldings. We exploit the algebraic structure of the TT decomposition to obtain the deterministic necessary and sufficient conditions on the locations of the samples to ensure finite completability. Specifically, we propose an algebraic geometric analysis on the TT manifold that can incorporate the whole rank vector simultaneously in contrast to the existing approach based on the Grassmannian manifold that can only incorporate one rank component. Our proposed technique characterizes the algebraic independence of a set of polynomials defined based on the sampling pattern and the TT decomposition, which is instrumental to obtaining the deterministic condition on the sampling pattern for finite completability. In addition, based on the proposed analysis, assuming that the entries of the tensor are sampled independently with probability $p$, we derive a lower bound on the sampling probability $p$, or equivalently, the number of sampled entries that ensures finite completability with high probability. Moreover, we also provide the deterministic and probabilistic conditions for unique completability.

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