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Reasoning by Cases in Structured Argumentation

Abstract · Mar 24, 2017 13:00 ·


Arxiv Abstract

  • Mathieu Beirlaen
  • Jesse Heyninck
  • Christian Straßer

We extend the $ASPIC^+$ framework for structured argumentation so as to allow applications of the reasoning by cases inference scheme for defeasible arguments. Given an argument with conclusion $A$ or $B$', an argument based on $A$ with conclusion $C$, and an argument based on $B$ with conclusion $C$, we allow the construction of an argument with conclusion $C$. We show how our framework leads to different results than other approaches in non-monotonic logic for dealing with disjunctive information, such as disjunctive default theory or approaches based on the OR-rule (which allows to derive a defeasible ruleIf ($A$ or $B$) then $C$‘, given two defeasible rules If $A$ then $C$' andIf $B$ then $C$‘). We raise new questions regarding the subtleties of reasoning defeasibly with disjunctive information, and show that its formalization is more intricate than one would presume.

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