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Geracao Automatica de Paineis de Controle para Analise de Mobilidade Urbana Utilizando Redes Complexas

Abstract · Apr 4, 2017 12:04 ·

cs-ai cs-si

Arxiv Abstract

  • Victor Dantas
  • Henrique Santos
  • Carlos Caminha
  • Vasco Furtado

In this paper we describe an automatic generator to support the data scientist to construct, in a user-friendly way, dashboards from data represented as networks. The generator called SBINet (Semantic for Business Intelligence from Networks) has a semantic layer that, through ontologies, describes the data that represents a network as well as the possible metrics to be calculated in the network. Thus, with SBINet, the stages of the dashboard constructing process that uses complex network metrics are facilitated and can be done by users who do not necessarily know about complex networks.

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