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From Data to City Indicators: A Knowledge Graph for Supporting Automatic Generation of Dashboards

Abstract · Apr 6, 2017 17:29 ·

city indicator qualities innovation definitions stakeholders fortaleza desirable smart cities cs-ai cs-cy

Arxiv Abstract

  • Henrique Santos
  • Victor Dantas
  • Vasco Furtado
  • Paulo Pinheiro
  • Deborah L. McGuinness

In the context of Smart Cities, indicator definitions have been used to calculate values that enable the comparison among different cities. The calculation of an indicator values has challenges as the calculation may need to combine some aspects of quality while addressing different levels of abstraction. Knowledge graphs (KGs) have been used successfully to support flexible representation, which can support improved understanding and data analysis in similar settings. This paper presents an operational description for a city KG, an indicator ontology that support indicator discovery and data visualization and an application capable of performing metadata analysis to automatically build and display dashboards according to discovered indicators. We describe our implementation in an urban mobility setting.

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