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Forecasting Human Dynamics from Static Images

Abstract · Apr 11, 2017 17:20 ·

forecasting pose body pfnet tennis dynamics human forecasting cs-cv

Arxiv Abstract

  • Yu-Wei Chao
  • Jimei Yang
  • Brian Price
  • Scott Cohen
  • Jia Deng

This paper presents the first study on forecasting human dynamics from static images. The problem is to input a single RGB image and generate a sequence of upcoming human body poses in 3D. To address the problem, we propose the 3D Pose Forecasting Network (3D-PFNet). Our 3D-PFNet integrates recent advances on single-image human pose estimation and sequence prediction, and converts the 2D predictions into 3D space. We train our 3D-PFNet using a three-step training strategy to leverage a diverse source of training data, including image and video based human pose datasets and 3D motion capture (MoCap) data. We demonstrate competitive performance of our 3D-PFNet on 2D pose forecasting and 3D pose recovery through quantitative and qualitative results.

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