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Simplified Stochastic Feedforward Neural Networks

Abstract · Apr 11, 2017 08:19 ·

sfnn stochastic dnn simplified dnns units backpropagation feedforward believed cs-lg

Arxiv Abstract

  • Kimin Lee
  • Jaehyung Kim
  • Song Chong
  • Jinwoo Shin

It has been believed that stochastic feedforward neural networks (SFNNs) have several advantages beyond deterministic deep neural networks (DNNs): they have more expressive power allowing multi-modal mappings and regularize better due to their stochastic nature. However, training large-scale SFNN is notoriously harder. In this paper, we aim at developing efficient training methods for SFNN, in particular using known architectures and pre-trained parameters of DNN. To this end, we propose a new intermediate stochastic model, called Simplified-SFNN, which can be built upon any baseline DNNand approximates certain SFNN by simplifying its upper latent units above stochastic ones. The main novelty of our approach is in establishing the connection between three models, i.e., DNN->Simplified-SFNN->SFNN, which naturally leads to an efficient training procedure of the stochastic models utilizing pre-trained parameters of DNN. Using several popular DNNs, we show how they can be effectively transferred to the corresponding stochastic models for both multi-modal and classification tasks on MNIST, TFD, CASIA, CIFAR-10, CIFAR-100 and SVHN datasets. In particular, we train a stochastic model of 28 layers and 36 million parameters, where training such a large-scale stochastic network is significantly challenging without using Simplified-SFNN

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