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CASP Solutions for Planning in Hybrid Domains

Abstract · Apr 12, 2017 00:10 ·

asp solver january numerical programming 2003 planning casp cs-ai

Arxiv Abstract

  • Marcello Balduccini
  • Daniele Magazzeni
  • Marco Maratea
  • Emily LeBlanc

CASP is an extension of ASP that allows for numerical constraints to be added in the rules. PDDL+ is an extension of the PDDL standard language of automated planning for modeling mixed discrete-continuous dynamics. In this paper, we present CASP solutions for dealing with PDDL+ problems, i.e., encoding from PDDL+ to CASP, and extensions to the algorithm of the EZCSP CASP solver in order to solve CASP programs arising from PDDL+ domains. An experimental analysis, performed on well-known linear and non-linear variants of PDDL+ domains, involving various configurations of the EZCSP solver, other CASP solvers, and PDDL+ planners, shows the viability of our solution.

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