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An entity-driven recursive neural network model for chinese discourse coherence modeling

Abstract · Apr 14, 2017 02:41 ·

syntactic text coherence engineering overlap discourse sentences cs-cl

Arxiv Abstract

  • Fan Xu
  • Shujing Du
  • Maoxi Li
  • Mingwen Wang

Chinese discourse coherence modeling remains a challenge taskin Natural Language Processing field.Existing approaches mostlyfocus on the need for feature engineering, whichadoptthe sophisticated features to capture the logic or syntactic or semantic relationships acrosssentences within a text.In this paper, we present an entity-drivenrecursive deep modelfor the Chinese discourse coherence evaluation based on current English discourse coherenceneural network model. Specifically, to overcome the shortage of identifying the entity(nouns) overlap across sentences in the currentmodel, Our combined modelsuccessfully investigatesthe entities information into the recursive neural network freamework.Evaluation results on both sentence ordering and machine translation coherence rating task show the effectiveness of the proposed model, which significantly outperforms the existing strong baseline.

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