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Approximating the Backbone in the Weighted Maximum Satisfiability Problem

Abstract · Apr 16, 2017 13:23 ·

weighted satisfiability max backbone maximum complete bgls sat cs-ai

Arxiv Abstract

  • He Jiang
  • Jifeng Xuan
  • Yan Hu

The weighted Maximum Satisfiability problem (weighted MAX-SAT) is a NP-hard problem with numerous applications arising in artificial intelligence. As an efficient tool for heuristic design, the backbone has been applied to heuristics design for many NP-hard problems. In this paper, we investigated the computational complexity for retrieving the backbone in weighted MAX-SAT and developed a new algorithm for solving this problem. We showed that it is intractable to retrieve the full backbone under the assumption that . Moreover, it is intractable to retrieve a fixed fraction of the backbone as well. And then we presented a backbone guided local search (BGLS) with Walksat operator for weighted MAX-SAT. BGLS consists of two phases: the first phase samples the backbone information from local optima and the backbone phase conducts local search under the guideline of backbone. Extensive experimental results on the benchmark showed that BGLS outperforms the existing heuristics in both solution quality and runtime.

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