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Boosting with Structural Sparsity: A Differential Inclusion Approach

Abstract · Apr 16, 2017 23:58 ·

bregman consistency jiechao xinwei inclusions split boosting lbi lasso chendi stat-ml

Arxiv Abstract

  • Chendi Huang
  • Xinwei Sun
  • Jiechao Xiong
  • Yuan Yao

Boosting as gradient descent algorithms is one popular method in machine learning. In this paper a novel Boosting-type algorithm is proposed based on restricted gradient descent with structural sparsity control whose underlying dynamics are governed by differential inclusions. In particular, we present an iterative regularization path with structural sparsity where the parameter is sparse under some linear transforms, based on variable splitting and the Linearized Bregman Iteration. Hence it is called \emph{Split LBI}. Despite its simplicity, Split LBI outperforms the popular generalized Lasso in both theory and experiments. A theory of path consistency is presented that equipped with a proper early stopping, Split LBI may achieve model selection consistency under a family of Irrepresentable Conditions which can be weaker than the necessary and sufficient condition for generalized Lasso. Furthermore, some $\ell_2$ error bounds are also given at the minimax optimal rates. The utility and benefit of the algorithm are illustrated by several applications including image denoising, partial order ranking of sport teams, and world university grouping with crowdsourced ranking data.

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