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Trigger for the SoLid Reactor Antineutrino Experiment

Abstract · Apr 16, 2017 01:27 ·

bristol reactor solid antineutrino located experiment background neutrino physics neutron physics-ins-det cs-cv hep-ex

Arxiv Abstract

  • Lukas On Arnold
  • for the SoLid collaboration

SoLid, located at SCK-CEN in Mol, Belgium, is a reactor antineutrino experiment at a very short baseline of 5.5 – 10m aiming at the search for sterile neutrinos and for high precision measurement of the neutrino energy spectrum of Uranium-235. It uses a novel approach using Lithium-6 sheets and PVT cubes as scintillators for tagging the Inverse Beta-Decay products (neutron and positron). Being located overground and close to the BR2 research reactor, the experiment faces a large amount of backgrounds. Efficient real-time background and noise rejection is essential in order to increase the signal-background ratio for precise oscillation measurement and decrease data production to a rate which can be handled by the online software. Therefore, a reliable distinction between the neutrons and background signals is crucial. This can be performed online with a dedicated firmware trigger. A peak counting algorithm and an algorithm measuring time over threshold have been identified as performing well both in terms of efficiency and fake rate, and have been implemented onto FPGA.

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