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Learning Affine Feature Space Transformations in Symbolic Regression

Abstract · Apr 17, 2017 21:37 ·

mggp linear czech prague genes lcfs crossover mutation combinations cs-ne

Arxiv Abstract

  • Jan Žegklitz
  • Petr Pošík

We propose a new type of leaf node for use in Symbolic Regression (SR) that performs linear combinations of feature variables (LCF). These nodes can be handled in three different modes – an unsynchronized mode, where all LCFs are free to change on their own, a synchronized mode, where LCFs are sorted into groups in which they are forced to be identical throughout the whole individual, and a globally synchronized mode, which is similar to the previous mode but the grouping is done across the whole population. We also present two methods of evolving the weights of the LCFs – a purely stochastic way via mutation and a gradient-based way based on the backpropagation algorithm known from neural networks – and also a combination of both. We experimentally evaluate all configurations of LCFs in Multi-Gene Genetic Programming (MGGP), which was chosen as baseline, on a number of benchmarks. According to the results, we identified two configurations which increase the performance of the algorithm.

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