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Extractive Summarization: Limits, Compression, Generalized Model and Heuristics

Abstract · Apr 18, 2017 22:21 ·

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Arxiv Abstract

  • Rakesh Verma
  • Daniel Lee

Due to its promise to alleviate information overload, text summarization has attracted the attention of many researchers. However, it has remained a serious challenge. Here, we first prove empirical limits on the recall (and F1-scores) of extractive summarizers on the DUC datasets under ROUGE evaluation for both the single-document and multi-document summarization tasks. Next we define the concept of compressibility of a document and present a new model of summarization, which generalizes existing models in the literature and integrates several dimensions of the summarization, viz., abstractive versus extractive, single versus multi-document, and syntactic versus semantic. Finally, we examine some new and existing single-document summarization algorithms in a single framework and compare with state of the art summarizers on DUC data.

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