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Generalized Ideals and Co-Granular Rough Sets

Abstract · Apr 18, 2017 18:02 ·

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Arxiv Abstract

  • A Mani

Lattice-theoretic ideals have been used to define and generate non granular rough approximations over general approximation spaces over the last few years by few authors. The goal of these studies, in relation based rough sets, have been to obtain nice properties comparable to those of classical rough approximations. In this research paper, these ideas are generalized in a severe way by the present author and associated semantic features are investigated by her. Granules are used in the construction of approximations in implicit ways and so a concept of co-granularity is introduced. Knowledge interpretation associable with the approaches is also investigated. This research will be of relevance for a number of logico-algebraic approaches to rough sets that proceed from point-wise definitions of approximations and also for using alternative approximations in spatial mereological contexts involving actual contact relations. The antichain based semantics invented in earlier papers by the present author also applies to the contexts considered.

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