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SkiMap: An Efficient Mapping Framework for Robot Navigation

Abstract · Apr 19, 2017 17:29 ·

map skimap sensor robot occupancy mapping grid poses navigation cs-cv cs-ro

Arxiv Abstract

  • Daniele De Gregorio
  • Luigi Di Stefano

We present a novel mapping framework for robot navigation which features a multi-level querying system capable to obtain rapidly representations as diverse as a 3D voxel grid, a 2.5D height map and a 2D occupancy grid. These are inherently embedded into a memory and time efficient core data structure organized as a Tree of SkipLists. Compared to the well-known Octree representation, our approach exhibits a better time efficiency, thanks to its simple and highly parallelizable computational structure, and a similar memory footprint when mapping large workspaces. Peculiarly within the realm of mapping for robot navigation, our framework supports realtime erosion and re-integration of measurements upon reception of optimized poses from the sensor tracker, so as to improve continuously the accuracy of the map.

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