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Multi-view Supervision for Single-view Reconstruction via Differentiable Ray Consistency

Abstract · Apr 20, 2017 17:56 ·

object consistency allows shape reconstruction formulation view annotations ray cs-cv

Arxiv Abstract

  • Shubham Tulsiani
  • Tinghui Zhou
  • Alexei A. Efros
  • Jitendra Malik

We study the notion of consistency between a 3D shape and a 2D observation and propose a differentiable formulation which allows computing gradients of the 3D shape given an observation from an arbitrary view. We do so by reformulating view consistency using a differentiable ray consistency (DRC) term. We show that this formulation can be incorporated in a learning framework to leverage different types of multi-view observations e.g. foreground masks, depth, color images, semantics etc. as supervision for learning single-view 3D prediction. We present empirical analysis of our technique in a controlled setting. We also show that this approach allows us to improve over existing techniques for single-view reconstruction of objects from the PASCAL VOC dataset.

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