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Firing Cell: An Artificial Neuron with a Simulation of Long-Term-Potentiation-Related Memory

Abstract · Apr 21, 2017 15:31 ·

ltp potentiation poland neuron potential excitatory nmda potentials gdansk postsynaptic cs-ne q-bio-nc

Arxiv Abstract

  • Jacek Bialowas
  • Beata Grzyb
  • Pawel Poszumski

We propose a computational model of neuron, called firing cell (FC), properties of which cover such phenomena as attenuation of receptors for external stimuli, delay and decay of postsynaptic potentials, modification of internal weights due to propagation of postsynaptic potentials through the dendrite, modification of properties of the analog memory for each input due to a pattern of short-time synaptic potentiation or long-time synaptic potentiation (LTP), output-spike generation when the sum of all inputs exceeds a threshold, and refraction. The cell may take one of the three forms: excitatory, inhibitory, and receptory. The computer simulations showed that, depending on the phase of input signals, the artificial neuron’s output frequency may demonstrate various chaotic behaviors.

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