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Multi-Objective Deep Q-Learning with Subsumption Architecture

Abstract · Apr 21, 2017 18:42 ·

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Arxiv Abstract

  • Tomasz Tajmajer

In this work we present a method for using Deep Q-Networks (DQNs) in multi-objective tasks. Deep Q-Networks provide remarkable performance in single objective tasks learning from high-level visual perception. However, in many scenarios (e.g in robotics), the agent needs to pursue multiple objectives simultaneously. We propose an architecture in which separate DQNs are used to control the agent’s behaviour with respect to particular objectives. In this architecture we use signal suppression, known from the (Brooks) subsumption architecture, to combine outputs of several DQNs into a single action. Our architecture enables the decomposition of the agent’s behaviour into controllable and replaceable sub-behaviours learned by distinct modules. To evaluate our solution we used a game-like simulator in which an agent - provided with high-level visual input - pursues multiple objectives in a 2D world. Our solution provides benefits of modularity, while its performance is comparable to the monolithic approach.

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