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Robust Multi-view Pedestrian Tracking Using Neural Networks

Abstract · Apr 21, 2017 00:12 ·

tracking embedded object detection pedestrian video background input cs-cv

Arxiv Abstract

  • Md Zahangir Alom
  • Tarek M. Taha

In this paper, we present a real-time robust multi-view pedestrian detection and tracking system for video surveillance using neural networks which can be used in dynamic environments. The proposed system consists of two phases: multi-view pedestrian detection and tracking. First, pedestrian detection utilizes background subtraction to segment the foreground blob. An adaptive background subtraction method where each of the pixel of input image models as a mixture of Gaussians and uses an on-line approximation to update the model applies to extract the foreground region. The Gaussian distributions are then evaluated to determine which are most likely to result from a background process. This method produces a steady, real-time tracker in outdoor environment that consistently deals with changes of lighting condition, and long-term scene change. Second, the Tracking is performed at two phases: pedestrian classification and tracking the individual subject. A sliding window is applied on foreground binary image to select an input window which is used for selecting the input image patches from actually input frame. The neural networks is used for classification with PHOG features. Finally, a Kalman filter is applied to calculate the subsequent step for tracking that aims at finding the exact position of pedestrians in an input image. The experimental result shows that the proposed approach yields promising performance on multi-view pedestrian detection and tracking on different benchmark datasets.

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