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A hybrid primal heuristic for Robust Multiperiod Network Design

Abstract · Apr 22, 2017 20:44 ·

heuristic design network primal berlin optimization traffic multiperiod robust math-oc cs-ds cs-ne cs-ni

Arxiv Abstract

  • Fabio D'Andreagiovanni
  • Jonatan Krolikowski
  • Jonad Pulaj

We investigate the Robust Multiperiod Network Design Problem, a generalization of the classical Capacitated Network Design Problem that additionally considers multiple design periods and provides solutions protected against traffic uncertainty. Given the intrinsic difficulty of the problem, which proves challenging even for state-of-the art commercial solvers, we propose a hybrid primal heuristic based on the combination of ant colony optimization and an exact large neighborhood search. Computational experiments on a set of realistic instances from the SNDlib show that our heuristic can find solutions of extremely good quality with low optimality gap.

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