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Asynchronous Distributed Variational Gaussian Processes

Abstract · Apr 22, 2017 02:22 ·

gps inference svi inducing billions say samples variational advgp stat-ml

Arxiv Abstract

  • Hao Peng
  • Shandian Zhe
  • Yuan Qi

Gaussian processes (GPs) are powerful non-parametric function estimators. However, their applications are largely limited by the expensive computational cost of the inference procedures. Existing stochastic or distributed synchronous variational inferences, although have alleviated this issue by scaling up GPs to millions of samples, are still far from satisfactory for real-world large applications, where the data sizes are often orders of magnitudes larger, say, billions. To solve this problem, we propose ADVGP, the first Asynchronous Distributed Variational Gaussian Process inference implemented on the recent large-scale machine learning platform, Parameter Server. ADVGP uses a novel, general variational GP framework based on a weight space augmentation, and implements the highly efficient, asynchronous proximal gradient optimization. While maintaining comparable or better prediction performance, AD- VGP greatly improves the efficiency over the existing variational inferences. With ADVGP, we effortlessly scale up GP regression to a real-world application with billions of samples and demonstrate an excellent, superior prediction performance over the popular linear models.

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