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A Dual Sparse Decomposition Method for Image Denoising

Abstract · Apr 24, 2017 07:28 ·

filtering dictionary denoising wuhan 430072 noise decomposition details sparse cs-cv

Arxiv Abstract

  • Hong Sun
  • Chen-guang Liu
  • Cheng-wei Sang

This article addresses the image denoising problem in the situations of strong noise. We propose a dual sparse decomposition method. This method makes a sub-dictionary decomposition on the over-complete dictionary in the sparse decomposition. The sub-dictionary decomposition makes use of a novel criterion based on the occurrence frequency of atoms of the over-complete dictionary over the data set. The experimental results demonstrate that the dual-sparse-decomposition method surpasses state-of-art denoising performance in terms of both peak-signal-to-noise ratio and structural-similarity-index-metric, and also at subjective visual quality.

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