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Lexically Constrained Decoding for Sequence Generation Using Grid Beam Search

Abstract · Apr 24, 2017 10:55 ·

predictive sequence gbs output constraints city interactive cs-cl

Arxiv Abstract

  • Chris Hokamp
  • Qun Liu

We present Grid Beam Search (GBS), an algorithm which extends beam search to allow the inclusion of pre-specified lexical constraints. The algorithm can be used with any model that generates a sequence $ \mathbf{\hat{y}} = {y{0}\ldots y{T}} $, by maximizing $ p(\mathbf{y} | \mathbf{x}) = \prod\limits{t}p(y{t} | \mathbf{x}; {y{0} \ldots y{t-1}}) $. Lexical constraints take the form of phrases or words that must be present in the output sequence. This is a very general way to incorporate additional knowledge into a model’s output without requiring any modification of the model parameters or training data. We demonstrate the feasibility and flexibility of Lexically Constrained Decoding by conducting experiments on Neural Interactive-Predictive Translation, as well as Domain Adaptation for Neural Machine Translation. Experiments show that GBS can provide large improvements in translation quality in interactive scenarios, and that, even without any user input, GBS can be used to achieve significant gains in performance in domain adaptation scenarios.

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